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Knife for TPC cable protection tubes with retractable blade

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Knife for TPC cable protection tubes with retractable blade
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Knife designed for cutting and opening ribbed cable protection tubes with
a diameter of 200mm max. It can also be used on smooth cable protection tubes.
With this knife, no more risk of damaging cables (electric arc) or cable sheaths inside
the protection tubes. It helps prevent cutting the cables, thanks to its short
double-edged blade with a protective blunt buttoned tip.
This tool is recommended by ENEDIS (ERDF) and
OPPBTP (safety datasheet G2F 01 14).
DERANCOURT patented design.



  • triangular double-edged blade
  • protect blunt "buttoned" tip.
  • ergonomic handle, in PA6 loaded with glass fiber, in a rectangular shape to facilitate guidance
  • Retractable blade that can be set from 0 to 20 mm thanks to the adjustment wheel at the end of the handle.
  • insulated tool 1000V - NF EN IEC 60900

Notes: operations on cable protection tubes are not live working operations.

When not in use, the blade is fully retracted inside of the handle, thus both

preventing any cutting injuries and protecting the blade from any shocks.

  • interchangeable blade block
  • Supplied without belt pouch

Interchangeable blade block Ref: LCTPCR
Belt pouch alone Ref: ECTPC

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Ref Name Dimension Weight Name no. Packaging Characteristics  
CTPC-R Knife for TPC cable protection tubes with retractable blade 160 x 56 x 38 mm 140 g - - - Add to my quote
LCTPCR Blade block (blade + block + 2 mounting screws) - - - - - Add to my quote
ECTPC Belt pouch alone 145x50x35 mm 35 g - - - Add to my quote
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