Sunday 19 November 2017


Tools and safety equipment for the installation of energy and telecommunication networks

Mounting, anchoring and connection equipment for overhead low-voltage lines

Mechanical protection

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Mechanical protection
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Mechanical protection, for example from the rubbing of tree branches, on an overhead cable in twisted insulated pole mounted conductors.
Two rigid PVC half-shells are fastened to the twist at the spot requiring protection. Can be positioned side by side.

The Kit carter comprises 2 Ø 50mm half-shells one of which is fitted with 3 CSL ties on flexible based mounted to the internal part for fastening the cable and and 3 plastic-coated stainless steel ties on the external part for assembling the two half shells.

The inlet and outlet of the two half-shells are fitted with two flexible protections for avoiding any rubbing on the cable.

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Ref Name Dimension Weight Name no. Packaging Characteristics
KIT CARTER - 1 m 1200g - -

Capacity: Any twisted network cable up to 3 x 150 mm² + 70 mm²

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